QULON in Macedonia

QULON CMS on the road intersection in Macedonia

20 road intersections around Macedonia were equipped by QULON CMS. The lights are networked as a single dimmable country-wide system. As well as highways, we are also controlling lighting in  Solishte Tunnel.

QULON CMS provides maximum flexibility in management and energy economy: you can control each lamp independently or create groups, schedule custom dimming scenarios through software, get energy consumption stats from each lamp or group of lamps, receive immediate alerts to handle problems urgently.

Being installed in tunnels QULON system adjusts lighting intensity in tunnels’ access and exit zones based on natural light luminance data from the luminance meter integrated into QULON cameras. It helps to avoid blind spots and guarantee driver’s eyes to adapt and see any obstacle in any part of the tunnel.

Macedonia assembly QULON

Assembly of QULON CMS onsite

Macedonia Solishte Tunnel

Macedonia Solishte Tunnel