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ArtGate/GigaJet/PowerGate firmware v.4.14: request firmware

Note: Firmware v.4.14 is compatible only for devices with current firmware versions 2.01 and higher. (For previous generation of ArtGates, version 1.14 is final)

v. 4.14, September 2022:

  • RDM performance improved
  • Background incremental RDM discovery support
  • ArtSync support
  • Fail-safe scene setup using standard ArtNet4 commands
  • Individual Ethernet interfaces speed setup

v. 4.10, April 2021:

  • Minor bugs fixed
  • Several buttons renamed

v. 4.09, February 2020 (read full list):

  • Smart output feature now on each individual port: multiple controllers/converters can be safely connected to the same DMX bus
  • New parameters for individual ports: input timeout, output frame repetition period, output data validity timeout, RDM enable/disable
  • Output universe data can be shifted to offset from -511 to +511: any portion of DMX address space now can be moved to any position
  • SLP support: nodes are now discoverable for consoles and other management systems supporting ANSI E1.17 standard (ACN SDT/DMP)


DaliGate firmware v.1.18: request firmware

v. 1.18, August 2021:

  • device search and trigger feature fixes

v. 1.17, August 2020:

  • settings profile saving and restoring,
  • improvement of heavy ArtNet/sACN traffic processing,
  • minor bugs fixed


PixelGate firmware v.1.11: request firmware

January 2019:

  • new flat web interface for device setup
  • one-wire interface LED strips support: WS2811, WS2812B, WS2818, TM1809, UCS1903, UCS1903B, UCS1909, UCS1909B, UCS1912, UCS1912B, UCS2903, UCS2903S, UCS2909, UCS2912, INK1002, INK1003, LX1003
  • two-wire interface LED strips support: WS2801, WS2803, DM413, APA102, LPD8803, LPD8806


The responsibility to ensure the compatibility of your Sundrax product to download any specific Sundrax firmware and or software shall be solely vested in you. Using an incorrect / inappropriate firmware and or software may cause malfunction to your Sundrax product and you agree to discharge us against any liability for the same. Please advise with Sundrax Support before uploading new firmware to your device.