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About Us

Sundrax Electronics is a UK company that develops and manufactures innovative software and hardware for street, architectural, and entertainment lighting control. Lighting control systems have been our main professional field for many years, and from the very beginning when we started as small electronics developer 16 years ago, we have been paying special attention to flexibility of our solutions.

Sundrax’s QULON is advanced and reliable smart city IoT platform and intelligent lighting management system, unmatched in terms of scalability and flexibility and supported by a first-class customer service worldwide. Our mission is to design innovative, turn-key, fully integrated solutions diversified to be implemented for any location around the world: Whatever customer requirements are, we are providing reliable and project-oriented products fit for the budget allocated.

Our entertainment, architectural and street lighting management systems are manufactured and tested in the United Kingdom and are currently working for 80 million people in the world. 17000 controllers produced up to date control over a million lighting fixtures around the world having saved 650 million of kWh in 2021 only. Hundreds of significant buildings and historical sites are interactively illuminated with our architectural lighting control system MONARQ.

In 2021 and 2022 Sundrax premiered GigaJet and GigaJet20, the only DMX-Ethernet converters that cover any use case and transforms DMX consoles into starship control panels: DMX-Ethernet node with fibre optic link, gigabit switch and media converter (DMX/ArtNet/sACN/KiNet/RTTrPL) in a single unit.