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Firefighters Memorial (London, UK)


The National Firefighters Memorial is a commemorative monument consisting of three bronze statues depicting firefighters in action at the height of the Blitz. This memorial is located in the historic financial district of The City of London, to the south of St Paul’s Cathedral and proudly illuminated by our partner Armadillo Lighting.

Sundrax are very pleased to work with Armadillo Lighting, pioneers of many key breakthroughs in LED lighting schemes worldwide. Armadillo has been a driving force behind several technological advancements and innovations in LED lighting technologies.

Armadillo lighting chose MONARQ by Sundrax and controlled the installation through Sundrax QULON software solution for fast and powerful remote architectural lighting control.

MONARQ is a central processor for remote lighting control which allows full control and administration via GSM. Use GSM connection to upload standard scenarios for onsite lighting management or even control your installations live. Management via GSM adds more flexibility to administer your sites remotely and simplifies network access.