Firmware update 4.06 for ArtGate / ArtJet

New (February 2019) firmware release 4.06 for ArtGate DMX-Ethernet nodes features a number of functions that can be used for easy deployment and maintenance of large-scale lighting installations.

  • Per-channel X-Fade merging allows switching between different control sources in more flexible way, and helps implementing other types of data transformation (e.g. universes multiplication).
  • DHCP support makes installation process easier providing dynamic primary IP address while the device is still accessible by static secondary IP.
  • IP address conflict detection helps preventing network collisions and failures.
  • ArtGate devices can be discovered and monitored by any software supporting SNMP v1, v2.

In order to get new firmware for your ArtGate/ArtJet please go to Downloads section of our website.


New features for previous 4.05 firmware update (December 2018):

  • New, flat web interface for device setup.
  • Independent selection of primary and secondary universes allows lighting engineer to merge universes with different IDs and even different protocols (ArtNet II,III,4, sACN draft/release, KiNet v1,2)
  • Each ArtGate node is able to store up to 4 static scenes (presets), which can be selected as control source for specific output ports, or activated by external triggering events (e.g. buttons, fireguard sensors, etc)
  • With Backup merging, customer should not worry about reliability of lighting control system- any network universe or local static scene can be selected for outputting when main source fails.
  • New Trigger and X-Fade merging modes give the ability to switch dynamically between lighting desks, media servers, and other control sources.
  • RTTrPL support makes all ArtNet nodes compatible with BlackTrax real-time tracking system.
  • Loopback feature turns ArtGate into network or standalone DMX merger, and gives even more flexibility in building lighting control systems.

In order to get new firmware for your ArtGate/ArtJet please go to Downloads section of our website.


Note: Firmware v.4.06 is compatible only for devices with current firmware versions 2.01 and higher. The responsibility to ensure the compatibility of your Sundrax product to download any specific Sundrax firmware and or software shall be solely vested in you. Using an incorrect / inappropriate firmware and or software may cause malfunction to your Sundrax product and you agree to discharge us against any liability for the same. Please advise with Sundrax Support before uploading new firmware to your device.