Travelling Cranes in Murmansk Port

Murmansk Port Cranes

Travelling Cranes in Murmansk City Port, Russia


218 RGB LED lights have been installed on 12 overhead travelling cranes in Murmansk Port, Russia contributing to public well-being and providing colourful city image for all citizens.

Lighting control is performed through MONARQ Architectural Lighting Control System by Sundrax — state-of-the-art development for fully intelligent remote management of architectural lighting integrated into telemetry systems of the Smart City street lighting network providing perfect IoT compatibility.


Murmansk Port Architural Lighting Control

Murmansk Port Architural Lighting Control




Project Architecture

Fast, secure, and fault-free Architectural Lighting Control is organized with the following equipment:





DIN-mounted central processor for remote dynamic and static architectural lighting control. Management via GSM adds more flexibility to control installations remotely and simplifies network access. Dynamic architectural lighting control is provided using DMX512, ArtNet/sACN protocols through Ethernet interface and wireless BeDMX interface (2.4 GHz). Any combination of automatic, manual or scheduled control may be used to create complex multi-functional installations. As a member of QULON family, QULON MONARQ is already integrated into QULON Control and Monitoring System and can be easily incorporated into other smart IoT networks. More…

RadioGate Arma

RadioGate Arma

Wireless DMX transceiver in waterproof case (IP65). These RadioGate devices are designed to transfer DMX data wirelessly in intellectual lighting control systems through Sundrax’s proprietary BeDMX technology. BeDMX is hi-end technology for transmission between devices in 2.4 GHz ISM band with bidirectional communication and Adaptive Frequency Hopping (AFH) which guarantees near 100% resistance to radio frequency interference by a hop rate of 1600 hops per second. More…

Splitter Arma

Splitter Arma

Single-channel DMX-512 repeater with outputs. All input and output channels are mutually galvanically isolated. The device is suitable for outdoor use and has the highest levels of dust and moisture protection. The device is powered by 100-250V industrial AC mains, power consumption is less than 5 watts. Input, output DMX cables and power cable are connected to the device body via cable glands. More…

preview LightCoder

Light Coder

  • Remote control, setup, diagnostic, programming, and scheduling of room lighting behavior.
  • Real-time switching of individual luminaires or luminaire groups.
  • Display of remote objects and their status on the integrated scheme.
  • Power consumption and system performance reports in form of tables and graphs.
  • More…