Agartala, India

Aiport Road, Agartala, India

Aiport Road, Agartala, India

Agartala Municipal Corporation executed an agreement with the Energy Efficiency Services Limited (A JV company of PSUs of Ministry of Power, Government of India) on Public Public Partnership (PPP) mode to convert 32216 HPSV and CFL street lights under Agartala City into LED Lights in order to bring efficiency and economy and better illumination in the sector of Street Lighting in Agartala City.

LED street lighting project has taken advantage of National Mission for Enhanced Energy Efficiency (NMEEE).

Sundrax Electronics, in partnership with EESL, supplied QULON Street Lighting Management system to control new LED installations in Agartala. Upon consideration of all input data, the parties have jointly elaborated the street lighting management program with group LED control consisting of:

1. QULON-C (7000 units)

Central Gateway for QULON Central Control and Management System installed into existing lighting cabinet. It provides remote lighting control for all electrical equipment in the cabinet- magnetic starters, additional Qulon devices, etc. Data from the connected devices and meters are collected via RS-485 or CAN interfaces and then sent it to Qulon server via GSM/GPRS/EDGE mobile network. Programming of Qulon-C Gateway is done remotely from the software. All created on/off/dimming schedules are stored in the memory of device so that connected modules and lights can be controlled without internet connection. Qulon-C can be accessed remotely from the software.

  • Independent control of each phase
  • Schedule lights on/off
  • Independent control of each phase
  • Collecting data from electric meter
  • Identification of electrical faults
  • Astronomical clock on board

2. QULON Software & Web Client


  • Remote control, setup, diagnostic, programming, and scheduling of street lighting behavior.
  • Real-time switching of power cabinets, individual luminaires or luminaire groups.
  • Display of remote objects and their status on the integrated map
  • Power consumption and system performance reports in form of tables and graphs.
  • Immediate identification of lamp failures and threshold exceeding.
  • Scheduled report via email + alarm notifications through text messages
  • Lamp replacement forecasts and notifications
  • Full mimic diagrams of your lighting installations
  • Integration in third-party telemanagement systems

Reporting Capabilities

  • Flexible scheduled reporting tools
  • Reports from various additional sensors such as weather and traffic
  • Analytic tool that shows real-time information about power consumption and financial savings



TOTAL AMOUNT SAVINGS = (Rs.10,98,800.00+Rs.5,67,142.00) = Rs,16,65,942.00 (Per Month)
From Consumption Bill = Rs,16,65,942.00 X 12 Months = Rs.1,99,91,304.00
Material Cost = Rs.74,00,000.00

Operation & Maintenance cost = Rs.28,00,000.00

Total Saving per year = Rs. 3,01,91,304.00 (~ 451.500 USD per year)