Central Toy Store Mall (Detsky Mir) in Moscow, Russia

We supplied 10 Universal DMX Splitters for Moscow Central Toy Store Mall (Detsky Mir).

DMX Splitter D3I8Or by Sundrax

DMX Splitter D3I8Or by Sundrax

Equipped with 3 DMX512 inputs and 8 DMX512 outputs, our universal DMX splitter D3I8Or may operate as a regular splitter with 1 input and 8 outputs as well as two separated 1-to-4 splitters, with full galvanic isolation between all inputs and outputs.

In two-splitters mode the fail-safe option is provided. If DMX signal on any of two inputs was lost, splitter begins to work with a third (backup) input.

No set-up procedures are needed to switch between one- and two-splitters mode!

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