New family of RadioGates, wireless DMX transceivers

new family of RagioGates wireless DMX transceivers

new family of RagioGates

In stock NOW: new generation of RadioGates, wireless DMX transceivers.

New features:

  • up to 300 metres of stable connection with standard antenna
  • up to 64 receivers per single radio channel
  • better intelligent protection from interference
  • new smaller and lighter IP44 casing
  • powerCON locking power connectors (the ones on promo pic still don’t have them but don’t worry, all new devices come with powerCON)


All our RadioGates may be used as both transmitter and receiver. All have full RDM support. Galvanic isolation is provided to protect equipment from voltage surges. Extra separate long range antenna is available on request increasing distance of transmission up to 1500 metres.

Now in stock only 1-universe transceivers, 2- and 4-universe units are on way. Those will also feature Ethernet port onboard to receive ArtNet/sACN input without additional conversion.

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